LUCK, WISCONSIN – Durex Products, Inc., based in Luck, Wisconsin, offers a variety of wire cloth screen media products, designed and built for quality and productivity.

Durex Inter-Crimp Slotted Wire Cloth is designed to stay clean in damp applications, where sticky material will plug or blind over wire cloth with standard square openings. When compared to hybrid screen media products, the Inter-Crimp screen offers longer wear life, a stronger screen panel in a lower-cost alternative.

Durex Long-Slot Triple-Shoot Wire Cloth eliminates plugging and blinding to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. The Durex Long-Slot screens are crimped specifically to provide better sizing accuracy. They can be manufactured in a “flat-top” weave for more uniform wear, and are available in a wide range of openings and slot lengths.

Durex Woven-Wire Screen Cloth is manufactured from high-quality, oil-tempered, stainless or high-carbon steel. Square openings range from 3/32-in to 6-in, and rectangular slotted openings range from 3/64-in to 3/4-in.

Durex Products Inc. has offered the company’s premium wire and polyurethane screen media technologies since 1965 — including its Urethane Modular Screen Panels, Livewire® Armor®, Accuslot®, and Vibraspan® products.

With 55 years in business, Durex Products Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets wear parts and screen media, including polymer media in tensioned and modular versions and woven-wire cloth, for the aggregates, mining, recycling, and industrial industries. For more information, contact Durex Products Inc., 112 West First Avenue., Luck, Wisconsin, USA 54853; telephone: 715.472.2111; fax: 715.472.2431; email: customerservice@durexproducts.com, or visit its website at www.durexproducts.com.

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