LUCK, WISCONSIN – Durex Products, Inc., based in Luck, Wisconsin, offers a number of custom wear-resistant urethane, urethane-ceramic, rubber, and rubber-ceramic liner solutions that provide long-term protection for equipment. Examples include wear liners for mainframes, feed boxes, side wear plates, discharge lips, cross supports, shafts, chutes, distributors, turnheads, and flumes.

Urethane-ceramic and rubber-ceramic liners are ideal for the harshest of wear areas, including turnheads, flop gates, high-impact areas, and belt transition areas. Rubber liners work well in dry, large-rock, and high-impact applications for areas including screen feed boxes, discharge lips, feed hoppers, and chutes. Urethane liners are long-lasting and flexible, and urethane is lighter than steel, allowing for easier handling and installation. Any necessary trimming can be performed in place with a sharp knife or reciprocating saw. Cutting steel in enclosed areas is considered a safety hazard and requires removing the liners for adjustment, which is time- consuming and cumbersome.

Durex liners will combat impact, abrasion, noise, and sticking, providing superior protection in the most severe conditions. Custom liners can be designed to suit any application. Based on customers’ needs, liners can be installed by welding, bolting, or with high-strength magnets.

Magnetic liners create a smooth wear surface, where other installation types may leave exposed bolt heads or plugged holes from the attachment process, which can accelerate wear due to a resulting direction change of material flow. Durex’s magnetic attachment system offers easy attachment to steel surfaces. The unique magnet design provides extremely strong magnetic attraction that will hold for both static and vibratory applications. This design also allows for the best placement of the magnets in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To contact Durex Products, call 715.472.2111 or email customerservice@durexproducts.com.

With more than 55 years in business, Durex Products, Inc., designs, manufactures, and markets screen media, including wire and polymer media in tensioned and modular versions and stainless-steel woven-wire cloth, as well as wear liners and screen accessories, for the aggregates, mining, recycling, and industrial industries. For more information, contact Durex Products Inc., 112 West First Avenue., Luck, Wisconsin, USA 54853; telephone: 715.472.2111; fax: 715.472.2431; email: customerservice@durexproducts.com, or visit its website at www.durexproducts.com.