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Durex® Premium Screen Media

Durex® wire cloth screens are the foundation for a full line of innovative screen products manufactured since 1965. Durex® wire cloth is made of high quality oil tempered, stainless, or high carbon steel, which offers long life, minimal downtime, and low cost per ton of production. In addition to high quality raw materials, Durex® uses advanced tooling and production machinery to assure accurate openings and tight weaves. The production personnel have the experience and knowledge needed to produce high quality, accurate, and long-lasting screen media. The high levels of accuracy and workmanship also extend to finishing the screen panels. Each Durex® wire screen panel is precisely sheared to the customer’s specifications and hooked to match the customer’s machine OEM specifications.

Durex Also offers:

• Curved Wedge Wire Screens and Wedge Wire panels for various modular systems
• Modular Wire Cloth panels for various systems
• Steel Stringers, Steel Studs and Steel U-Channels for modular panels
• Tension Rails
• Center Hold-Down Components
• Perforated / Flame Cut Plate
• Spray Piping, Nozzles, V-jet Sprays
• Channel (Bucker Bar) Rubber
• Skirt Board Rubber
• Hardware (Donuts & J-Bolts, Tension Wedge Assemblies, etc.

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Urethane Modular Screen Panels

Durex® has expanded production facilities to once again offer a complete line of Urethane Modular Screen Panels and accessories. Polyurethane is ideal for highly abrasive and dry or wet applications, providing much longer wear life than traditional wire screen media. Our specialized polymer formulas, combined with years of experience in precision, opencast manufacturing processes, result in urethane screening products that provide unmatched quality and performance.

Durex Modular Urethane Panels feature tapered openings that are wider at the bottom. This advanced design reduces plugging and increases throughput. Turn to Durex for urethane screen media that delivers outstanding efficiency, performance, and wear life in even the harshest conditions — ultimately reducing your cost per ton.

Urethane Brochure for Download



Durex® Livewire® Wire Cloth is designed to boost productivity by reducing costly blinding and pegging problems while also delivering superior wear life.

Livewire® screens are a hybrid-type screen and available in four different opening styles for maximum output. Molded rubber strips hold high-strength wires in place, providing better screening action and greater open area.


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Accuslot 2

Durex® Accuslot® Wire Cloth is designed to provide the accuracy of square openings with the production efficiency and cleaning ability of long slot wire cloth.

Accuslot® screens help eliminate plugging and/or blinding, while minimizing the passing of slivers. Clusters of wires can be spaced to match bucker bars. Various openings are available in both Durex® XT or stainless-steel wire.






Inter-Crimp Slotted Wire Cloth

IMG_3297 Intercrimp slotted

Durex® Inter-Crimp Slotted Wire Cloth is designed to stay clean in damp applications where sticky material will plug square openings.

The Inter-Crimp screen is designed to stay clean to avoid blinding. When compared to highbred screens, this product off ers longer wear life, stronger screen panel and a lower cost alternative.







Durex Vibraspan™ Long Slot Triple or Five Shoot Wire Cloth combines the best attributes of end-tensioned screen panels and longitudinal slots for more open area without sacrificing control of product size.

Vibraspan™ screen adds crimping to the longitudinal principal, which adds strength as well as elasticity. The crimps act as a spring and enables the wires to hold their tension longer. Increased vibration due to the longer slot length will decrease blinding and increase production.







Long Slot Triple Shoot Wire Cloth


Durex® Long Slot Triple Shoot Wire Cloth is designed to eliminate plugging and blinding. Long Slot wire cloth will keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. Durex® Long Slot screens are crimped specifically to provide better sizing accuracy and can be made in a “Flat Top” weave for more uniform wear. Available in a wide range of openings and slot lengths.


Woven Wire Cloth

Wire Cloth

Durex® Woven Wire Cloth is made of high quality oil tempered, stainless, or high carbon steel. Square openings available ranging from 3/32” to 6” and rectangular slotted openings ranging from 3/64” to 3/4”.


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