Urethane Liners and Wear Parts for Aggregate Equipment

Durex® now offers a full line of magnetic liner solutions, custom designed for aggregate plants. Our specialized polymer formulas are specifically designed to combat high-wear and abrasive applications, reducing impact damage, abrasion, noise, and sticking in wet or dry applications, hot summers, and very cold winters.

Magnetic liners create a smooth wear surface, where other installation types may leave exposed bolt heads or plugged holes from the attachment process that could accelerate wear due to a resulting direction change of material flow. Our magnetic attachment system offers easy attachment to steel surfaces. The unique magnet design provides extremely strong magnetic attraction that will hold for both static and vibratory applications. This design also allows for the best placement of the magnets in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We offer standard sizes, as well as custom design services that allow infinite options for shapes and sizes. 

Recommended lined applications include:

  • Static and vibratory chute
  • Rotary distributor/turnheads
  • Sand slurry flumes
  • Crusher mainframes
  • Feed boxes
  • Side wear plates on screen decks
  • Discharge lips
  • Cross supports between bucker bars and stringers
  • Shaft covers
  • Quick patches for worn-through high-wear areas
  • Inspection doors on machinery