Wire Cloth, Urethane, Rubber and Self-Cleaning Screen Media, Liners, Wear Parts and Accessories for the Aggregate and Mining Industries.

Our Products:

  • Woven and Slotted Wire Screen Media: Square, Rectangular, Long-Slot Triple Shoot, Mesh
  • Self-Cleaning Screen Media: Livewire®, Accuslot ®, Vibraspan®
  • Modular Urethane and Rubber Screen Media: Classic, 2k, Knock-in Bar, P-Pin, P-Pin Maxi
  • Side-Tensioned Screen Media: Armor®, Cable-Reinforced, Perforated Plate
  • Large-Opening Screen Media: Flame-Cut Plate, Bolt-Down Rubber, Grizzly Bars
  • Liners for Aggregate Plants: Magnetic, Plain, Plug-Weldable, Bolt-On – Urethane, Rubber and Ceramic-Embedded
  • Liners for Concrete Plants and Trucks: Urethane, Urethane-Ceramic, Rubber-Ceramic
  • Wear Parts and Screen Accessories: Side-Tension Rails, Tension Wedge Assembly, J-Bolts, U-Bolts, Donuts, Spray Pipe Seals, Profile Impact Pads, Stringers, Bucker Bar Covers, Skirt-Board Lining, Etc.

Screen Media Product Line for Download

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