Screen Accessories​

We offer a number of screen accessories that provide long-term solutions for your equipment. Choose from standard options, or we can design and build you a custom solution. Our accessories made from steel, urethane, and rubber deliver outstanding efficiency and wear life. They are lightweight and corrosion-resistant.


Steel or urethane in several styles, including steel-reinforced and non-reinforced U-channels, urethane non-reinforced full
or split U-channels, and knock-in type N for our Modular Classic panels. Wet applications require urethane non reinforced full or split U-channels. Steel T-stringers or C-channel stringers are available for Modular 2000 system.

Hold-Down Components

Bolts used with urethane or rubber donuts to secure screen media to crown bars, reducing wear.

Side-Tension Rails

Steel, urethane, or rubber wear-resistant rails help hold proper tension to increase screen media wear life.

Tension Wedge Assembly

Holds tension rails in place.

Spray Pipe Seals, Covers, and Beaver Tail Spray Deflectors

Wear protection for wet screening applications.

Side Liners and Wedges

Urethane or rubber side liners can be manufactured for all modular systems. Wedges are used to hold down the side liners.

Cross Support and Eccentric Shaft Covers

Cross support covers install over the cross support, between the bucker bars, to protect the cross support from falling material. Eccentric shaft covers are available in 1/2-in or 3/4-in thickness. We recommend 2/3 or full coverage of the shaft diameter.

Channel Rubber or Urethane Bucker Bar Covers

These protect bucker bars from wear and allow proper tensioning of screen media.

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