Large-Opening Screens​

Large-opening screens are often required in extreme scalping, primary, and high-tonnage applications, especially where there is heavy impact and/or a great deal of abrasive material.

Flame-Cut Plate Screens

Flame-cut plate screens feature square, round, hexagonal, and slotted openings that are cut into steel plate, rather than perforation. This design is excellent for top and sometimes middle-deck applications where impact and abrasion resistances are required. We offer flame-cut plate screens with BHN hardness of up to 450 or 500 for superior wear life.

Bolt-Down Rubber Screens

Bolt-down rubber screens are designed for excessively harsh conditions in scalping applications. They provide a combination of long wear life and high throughput. Tapered openings that are wider at the bottom reduce plugging. Opening sizes and bolt hole locations can be customized to fit different screening machines.

Grizzly and Impact Bars

Grizzly and impact bars remove large, oversized material in scalping and/or primary screening. Our grizzly and impact bars are manufactured from a field-tested rubber compound or high-impact steel.

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