Side-Tensioned Screens​

Side-tensioned solutions from Durex include Armor®, Cable-Reinforced, and Perforated-Plate Screens.


Armor® tensioned screens are built from high-grade wire cloth with molded open-cast premium polyurethane. This unique combination of technologies creates screens that have a much higher open area than conventional polyurethane screens and much longer wear life than wire screens. Armor® screens are ideal for wash plants in light to medium load applications with highly abrasive wear.

Cable-Reinforced (Type C)

Cable-reinforced screens comprise multiple steel cables molded into a urethane or rubber screen. Our design ensures high strength, impact resistance, and long wear life.

Perforated or Flame-Cut Plate Screens

Perforated and flame-cut plate screens are manufactured from high-quality steel alloy plates (250-500 BHN), featuring regularly spaced square, round, slotted, or hexagonal perforations of various sizes, depending on application. This screen is ideal for high-impact and heavy-abrasion applications.

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