Woven Wire Screens​

Our wire cloth screens form the foundation of a full line of premium screen media products. Made of high-quality XT, oil-tempered, stainless or high carbon steel, Durex woven-wire screens allow the use of lighter gauge wire while still providing excellent wear life.

Square Opening and Mesh

Square woven wire cloth allows the use of lighter-gauge wire, while still providing excellent wear life, for less downtime and lower operating costs. Square openings are available from .078-in to 8-in, with wire diameters available from .041-in to .625-in. Square mesh screen cloth is available in sizes ranging from 2 mesh down to 100 mesh.

Rectangular Opening

Rectangular opening wire cloth is used when sizing is not as critical. It offers more throughput than square opening wire cloth. Rectangular openings range from .028-in to 3-in, with custom openings also available. Available with wire diameters from .041-in to .500-in.

Long Slot Triple Shoot

Long slot triple shoot wire cloth reduces plugging and blinding to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Long slot screens are crimped specifically to provide better sizing accuracy. They can be manufactured in a “flat-top” weave for more uniform wear, and are available in a wide range of slotted openings.

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