Self-Cleaning Wire Screens​

Self-cleaning screens offer effective solutions to blinding, plugging, and pegging issues. Durex self-cleaning screens include Livewire®, Accuslot®, Vibraspan®, and Vibraclean® screens.


Livewire® is a self-cleaning screen featuring molded rubber strips that hold high-strength wires in place. Providing better screening action than traditional woven wire and greater open area than polyurethane, this screen media is designed to boost production by reducing costly, time-consuming blinding and pegging problems, while also delivering superior wear life. It is available in Accuslot®, Diamond, Herringbone, and Straight wire slot openings for maximum output in a variety of dry or wet applications.


Accuslot® screens provide the accuracy of square openings with the production efficiency and cleaning ability of long slot wire cloth. Accuslot® screens help to reduce plugging and/or blinding, while minimizing the passing of slivers and chips. Clusters of wires can be 6-in or match bucker bars. Various openings are available.


Vibraspan® screens provide high open area and increased slot lengths to increase product throughput and maintain sizing. Vibraspan® screens are available in two types of weaves. Straight wire screens allow for increased tensioning on the wires and have higher load capacities. Intercrimp screens have crimped wires for tensioning, which allows the screen to be self-cleaning by passing near-sized particles while reducing blinding. Due to the long slot, Vibraspan® screens will pass more slivered material when compared to other woven screen designs.


Vibraclean® screens combine the traditional Vibraspan® screen types by alternating crimped and straight wires. This allows increased load capacity over a traditional intercrimp by tensioning the straight wires, while maintaining the self-cleaning feature of the crimped wires. Like Vibraspan® screens, these screens are ideal for applications requiring high throughput and cleaning of debris, but will they pass more slivered material compared to other woven screen designs.

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