Company News | January 2023

Durex Products to Feature Full Product Lineup at CONEXPO-CON/AGG


Visitors Will Learn About the Company’s Screen Media, Liners, Wear Parts, and Screen Accessories


LUCK, WISCONSIN – Durex Products, Inc., based in Luck, Wisconsin, will display its screen media, liners, wear parts, and screen accessories in booth #C32567 at Las Vegas Convention Center, March 14–18, 2023. The company offers numerous innovative urethane, rubber, and wire screen media options, which allow customers to fine-tune production and increase tons per hour, while keeping products in spec and lowering operating costs. Durex has offered premium screen media technologies since 1965, including its well-known Livewire, Armor®, Accuslot®, Vibraspan®, and Vibraclean® wire screens and Urethane and Rubber screens. Wear liners for aggregate and concrete equipment, wear parts, and screen accessories round out the company’s offerings.

Modular Urethane and Rubber Screens — Available in modular snap-in, pin-style, knock-in, and bolt-in systems. These panels feature tapered openings that are wider at the bottom, which reduces plugging and increases throughput. 

Livewire® Screens — A self-cleaning-type screen, featuring molded rubber strips that hold its high-strength wires in place, providing better screening action and greater open area.

Armor® Screens — A combination of high-grade woven-wire cloth with molded open-cast premium polyurethane, designed to increase throughput, as it reduces plugging and noise.

Accuslot® Screens — A self-cleaning-type screen that helps eliminate plugging and/or blinding, while minimizing the passing of slivers and chips. 

Vibraspan® Screens — A self-cleaning-type screen featuring longitudinal slots and either straight or intercrimp wires for more open area, without sacrificing product size control. 

Vibraclean® Screens — A self-cleaning-type screen with alternating crimped and straight wires, allowing increased load capacity, while maintaining self-cleaning benefits. 

Woven and Slotted Wire Screens — Made of high-quality, XT, oil-tempered, stainless, or high-carbon steel. Woven-wire screen allows the use of lighter-gauge wire, while still providing excellent wear life. Long slot triple shoot screens are crimped to provide better screening accuracy and eliminate blinding and plugging.

Wear Liners Including magnetic, plug-weldable, and bolt-on liners for screen boxes, crusher mainframes, feed boxes, chutes, flumes, and discharge openings. 

Concrete Wear Liners — Including urethane, urethane-ceramic, and rubber-ceramic solutions for concrete plants and concrete trucks.

Wear Parts Including urethane and rubber, used in sizing and separating on screens, classifiers, dewatering screws, and various chutes and transfer areas.

Screen Accessories — Including, but not limited to, side-tension rails, J-bolts, U-bolts, donuts, stringers, and ferrules.

During the show, on Wednesday, March 15, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Durex will host a Happy Hour in its booth, with two choices of beer poured into Durex-branded cups — some of which will have a sticker on the bottom that correlates with a prize for the lucky bearer. Prizes include a Durex cooler or a Durex tumbler.

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